Bentley Instruments

Highly Accurate Dairy Component Analysis

Measures: fat, protein, lactose, solids and more

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The DairySpec FT is designed for a wide range of dairy laboratories and processing facilities that need a highly accurate instrument for the analysis of dairy components, including Fat, Protein and Lactose. Engineered in accordance with Bentley Instruments’ rigorous design principles and quality management systems, the DairySpec FT provides precise and accurate measurements, as well as exceptional reliability.

Technology summary
Bentley Instruments’ DairySpec FT component analyzer uses an industrial Fourier Transform Spectrometer (or FTIR) that captures the complete infrared absorption spectrum of the milk sample for component analysis. Collecting the complete spectrum allows the calibration to be based on all spectral characteristics of each particular component. The infrared spectrum is permanently stored so that at any time in the future other calibrations may be retroactively applied to your data.

DairySpec FT features

  • Ergonomic touch-screen display monitor simplifies operator interface.
  • Powerful Windows-based software integrates simultaneous control, data collection, analysis, archiving, and report generation.
  • Interferometer is laser-referenced and contained within a hermetically-sealed and temperature-regulated optical deck.
  • Internal heated reservoir provides for auto-rinse and auto-zero functions.
  • Proven optical deck provides highly accurate analysis of energy absorption over the entire mid-infrared spectrum.
  • Integrated sample heater allows for cold product analysis.
  • Laser-drilled pipette filters sample at inlet.
  • Front panel LEDs provide immediate visual feedback for operators on overall instrument status and operation.