Bentley Instruments

Reliable, Proven Milk Component Testing

Measures: fat, protein, lactose and solids

This mid-infrared instrument from Bentley is built on a proven single-beam optical system that delivers highly reliable, accurate performance. The system includes the industry’s most reliable homogenization system, and paired with a rugged optical system built from a list of the best standard components available, this instrument is very low in ownership cost.

The Bentley 2000 will compare with the best in the business for providing quantitative readings from the mid-infrared wavebands (2-15 µm). Any component with a known absorption peak in this range can be analyzed by this system. This model is a study in simplicity at work, providing laboratories and dairies with an infrared system that is easy to own and easy to maintain. The Bentley 2000 incorporates a personal computer and a standard A/D converter card to provide a fast, reliable and affordable instrument with no limitations in performance.

With more than 150 units in operation the instrument has proven itself worldwide. Depending on the configuration, it will test up to 500 samples per hour. Standard configuration is for fat (A and/or B), protein, lactose, and solids. Designed for use in large central laboratories, this high-speed instrument is ideal for laboratories with a large sample throughput and can be found in wide use in the North American Dairy Herd Improvement Industry (DHIA).