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Highly Accurate, Reliable and Real-time Enumeration of Individual Bacteria for the Determination of Raw milk Hygienic Quality at up to 150 Samples Per Hour

Measures: total bacteria count

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The BactoCount IBC is a fully automated instrument that uses flow cytometry for the rapid enumeration of individual bacteria in raw milk. The high speed of this model makes it the ideal solution for mid to large size laboratories that need an easy to maintain, exceptionally fast bacteria counting system.

  • Analyzing up to 150 samples per hour, (BactoCount IBC 50, BactoCount IBC 100, and BactoCount IBC 150)
  • Fully automated system provides a steady flow of samples
  • Low maintenance, reliable performance



Validated to be at least equivalent to the EN-ISO 4833-1:2013 and 4833-2:2013 reference methods for the enumeration of microorganisms in raw cow milk (Certificate Link ->  n˚ 2013LR44)

Evaluated by the CECALAIT and IAI reference laboratories.
The IBC can be used as an alternative method to the IDF 100B:1991 and AOAC 986.33 reference methods for the rapid and accurate determination of the hygienic quality of cow, sheep, and buffalo raw milk for payment purposes.

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Technical overview & principle of operation
The IBC is a fully automated instrument that uses a proprietary flow cytometer for the rapid enumeration of individual bacteria in raw milk. The practical application follows a simple general principle: the cells are stained with a fluorescent dye that inserts into the intracellular DNA followed by detection a laser induced florescence in a flow-cytometer (particle counter counter).

The graphs below display typical peak, width and scatter distributions obtained with the BactoCount method of the predominant bacteria species used for the assessment of the hygienic quality of raw milk: