Bentley Instruments

Precision Infrared Milk Product Analysis

Measures: fat, protein, lactose and solids

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The Bentley 150 is a compact, highly accurate instrument for the analysis of milk and milk products.

  • Analyzes dairy components including fat, protein, lactose and solids
  • Processes up to 150 samples per hour
  • Handles products of high viscosity
  • Flexible data output options
  • Optional autosampler for fully automatic operation
  • Available with Fat “A” and Fat “B”
  • Optional freezing point depression (FPD)
  • Low maintenance design

Accurate, compact, fast and reliable, the Bentley 150 is ideal for laboratories with small to medium testing requirements.

Technical overview & principle of operation
The Bentley 150 consists of a proprietary optical infrared analysis system and an integrated high speed computer. To measure specific components within milk products, the instrument measures the energy absorption at specific wavelengths in the mid-infrared region.

  • Operators use computer controls to vary the pump and analysis speed, directing the system to operate at a slower speed when processing products of high viscosity, such as cream.
  • Programmable screen layout allows the operator to choose up to eight windows to display component values, both measured and calculated.
  • The instrument is capable of handling multiple calibrations as needed to optimize accuracy in testing different components.
  • Operator friendly software with graphic user interface (GUI) helps make the system easy to operate.
  • The flexible design of the instrument allows it to be used as a product analyzer capable of testing a wide variety of fluid dairy products.
  • Instrument durability allows for use in high volume testing environments.
  • State-of-the-art design utilizes few moving parts, making the system very easy to maintain.
  • Small, compact size and integrated computer reduces the amount of bench space needed, allowing the system to be used in the smallest of laboratories.