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Combi with SomaCount and DairySpec

Combi with SomaCount and DairySpec

Simultaneous Somatic Cell and Component Analysis

Measures: somatic cells, fat, protein, lactose and solids

The Bentley DairySpec & SomaCount Combi simultaneously measures somatic cells and components, helping dairy laboratories to greatly enhance their operation’s efficiency. This system combines the analytically power of the DairySpec FT and the Somacount FC, two of Bentley Instruments most proven, reliable and easy to use systems.  A single auto-sampler delivers samples to both systems, speeding up the analysis process. Optional bar code readers can also be used to monitor and track samples.

DairySpec FT (component analysis module) features

The DairySpec FT is a compact, highly accurate instrument for the analysis of milk and milk products.

  • Analyzes dairy components including fat, protein, lactose and solids
  • Up to 150 samples per hour
  • Handles products of high viscosity
  • Flexible data output options
  • Optional Autosampler for fully automatic operation
  • Available with Fat “A” and Fat “B”
  • Optional freezing point depression (FPD)
  • Low maintenance design

Accurate, compact, fast and reliable, the Bentley 150 is ideal for laboratories with small to medium testing requirements.

Technical overview & principle of operation
The DairySpec FT consists of a proprietary optical infrared analysis system and an integrated high speed computer. To measure specific components within milk products, the instrument measures the energy absorption at specific wavelengths in the mid-infrared region.

  • Operators use computer controls to vary the pump and analysis speed, directing the system to operate at a slower speed when processing products of high viscosity, such as cream.
  • Programmable screen layout allows the operator to choose up to eight windows to display component values, both measured and calculated.
  • The instrument is capable of handling multiple calibrations as needed to optimize accuracy in testing different components.
  • Operator friendly software with graphic user interface (GUI) helps make the system easy to operate.
  • The flexible design of the instrument allows it to be used as a product analyzer capable of testing a wide variety of fluid dairy products.
  • Instrument durability allows for use in high volume testing environments.
  • State-of-the-art design utilizes few moving parts, making the system very easy to maintain.
  • Small, compact size and integrated computer reduces the amount of bench space needed, allowing the system to be used in the smallest of laboratories.

SomaCount FC(somatic cell counting module) features

The SomaCount FCdelivers a rapid and accurate measurement somatic cell counts (SCC) for early mastitis detection in dairy milk. This proven system is designed for reliability, ease-of-use and precision measurements.

This instrument is ideal for small to mid-size laboratories that need an easy-to-maintain somatic cell counting system.

  • Capable of analyzing over 150 samples per hour
  • Built-in computer offers flexible data output options
  • Optional Autosampler for fully automated analysis
  • Low maintenance design

Technical overview & principle of operation
The SomaCount 150 uses a proprietary process based on the principle of laser-based flow cytometry to determine the somatic cell counts in a milk sample.

  • A milk sample is taken automatically and mixed with a fluorescent dye solution.
  • This dye disperses the fat globules and stains the DNA in the somatic cells.
  • An aliquot part of the stained suspension is injected into a laminar stream of carrier fluid.
  • The somatic cells are separated by the stream and exposed to a laser beam.
  • As the stained cells pass through the excitation source (laser beam), they begin to fluoresce creating a light pulse.
  • Through a series of lenses, the fluorescent pulses are focused onto a photo-multiplier tube, where they are converted into electrical pulses.
  • The pulses are sorted and stored by size using a micro-controller. By using a process known as pulse height analysis, the pulses are sorted, counted and translated into a somatic cell count.
  • The software allows for a wide variety of data output options, including diskette, serial, parallel and network connections which can be easily formatted to fit into the user’s existing system.
  • Operator friendly software with graphic user interface (GUI) helps make the system easy to operate.
  • The Somacount FCmeets the requirements of IDF standards for somatic cell counting. It is an AOAC approved methodology.