Bentley Instruments

Regulatory Agencies

Approved performance

Regulatory agencies around the world help the dairy industry ensure that proper standards and protocols are met. Bentley Instruments helps these agencies achieve their objectives with a series of instruments for the precise measurement of fat, protein, lactose, somatic cells, and bacterial load. The instruments help provide worry free ownership in any lab tasked with testing for regulatory compliance. The lab will come to appreciate Bentley Instruments’ dedication to the dairy industry and the service/support we extend to all of our customers.

Training, service and support
Many agencies experience periodic changes in personnel, and at Bentley Instruments we help our customers through these transitions with the training and support needed to bring new team members up to speed on our instrumentation. Bentley Instruments’ intuitive, user-friendly designs help employees quickly learn how to use our instruments, and we provide both onsite and offsite training to help facilitate the training process.