Bentley Instruments

Herd Improvement

Speed, accuracy and reliability in raw milk testing

Central laboratories across the globe depend on our highly reliable instrumentation to provide results for herd management. The need for compliant component testing (fat, protein, lactose, somatic cell count, bacteria count etc.) is met with high efficiency and throughput. The Bentley Instruments product line includes models that test from 50 to 500 samples per hour, making it easy to select a model for almost any laboratory.

The central laboratory and the Bentley Instruments service model
Bentley Instruments has been servicing the herd testing business for over 25 years and understands the need for uptime and reliability. Providing world class service in close cooperation with laboratory management allows laboratories the option to train and ultimately become self reliant on inhouse expertise.

Automation, testing and data processing
The instruments can be integrated directly into routine laboratory testing procedures and data processing, providing timely delivery of results. Data storage options allow laboratories to integrate data directly into most modern LIM systems. Automation is achieved through the use of semi-robotic handling and identification of sample vials.