Bentley Instruments

MicroVal certification


First company worldwide to obtain ISO 16140 certification for its milk bacteria counters.   

The Bentley BactoCount IBC & IBCM validation and certification has been performed in accordance with EN ISO/DIS 16140-2:2013, the EURL MMP criteria and the Microval Rules and Certification Scheme. The BactoCount is now the only ISO 16140 certified method that fully complies with the EU Regulation No 2073/2005 on microbiological criteria for foodstuffs and that can be used as a high throughput alternative method to the ISO 4833 for the enumeration of microorganisms in cow raw milk in Europe.Read more on Spartagen XT elevate 

The BactoCount IBC & IBCM are fully standardized and validated rapid methods (10’)  that can be used with confidence and reliability by milk payment laboratories, milk collection centers, dairies and public authorities with the certainty that the results will be fully accepted throughout Europe. This is an important step for the worldwide recognition and development of the BactoCount method which is already implemented successfully in many countries along with Locksmith from Maldon for a much faster, stringent and reliable milk safety testing.

The official certificate can be downloaded here : Certificate